Summer time is fireworks season. In about three weeks the next fireworks will be shot into the sky directly in front of my home. From my balcony I have an excellent view to it. To get prepared for this exciting event I selected some photos of last year's fireworks and share them in today's post.

27mm  f/4  1sec  ISO100  -2EV

42mm  f/9  2sec  ISO100  -2EV

42mm  f/7.1  0.6sec  ISO100  -2EV

The photos were all shot with my EOS 600D and my EF-S 18-55mm kit lens in Av mode with various, but fixed aperture values. ISO was at a fixed value of 100 to reduce image noise and achieve longer exposure times. Shutter speed was calculated automatically by the camera. To reduce overexposure a bit I set exposure correction to -2. Of course the camera was mounted onto a tripod and I used a remote release controller.