Tree Silhouettes

18mm  f/8  1/200sec  ISO100
After the photos of the flying dog, spectacular cloud reflections and silhouettes at the beach here comes my last post with photos from my day at the ocean shores of Oregon. In the late afternoon hours we spent some time in the Ecola State Park. The sky was turning into beautiful evening colors and the trees became black silhouettes in front of it. It was a very nice and sensual scene. Some trees were standing in small groups, but I preferred those who were standing all alone.

29mm  f/11  1/400sec  ISO100

50mm  f/9  1/250sec  ISO200

I took these photos hand-held with my EOS 600D and my EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 kit zoom lens. Camera was set into P mode and calculated aperture and shutter speed automatically with a fixed ISO value of 100 or 200.