Visiting a Zoo

135mm  f/5.6  1/100sec  ISO400
Yesterday I shared some photographs of cute meerkats that I took in a zoo during Easter holidays. At that zoo visit I took a lot more shots. Because of some of them I'm quite proud of, I want to share more photos today. Like this Falkland Caracara. I have seen many of these elegant birds in real live during a cruise to the Falkland Island last Fall, but in nature you are not able to get that close as in a zoo. I took the photo through the fence and the Caracara was sitting about 2 meters away from me.

135mm  f/6.5  1/250sec  ISO400
This Eurasian Lynx was relaxing in the afternoon. Again I had to shoot through the fence. These cats are so beautiful with their thick fur and the hairy ear tips. I was waiting a while and made some noise to attract the bobcat's attention but unfortunately with no luck. The cat didn't look towards me. Fortunately I caught a moment when it opened its eyes for a shorts glimpse.

113mm  f/5.6  1/100sec  ISO800

Taking photos in a zoo is quite challenging if you want to hide fences and buildings out of the frame. This parrot was in a building behind a huge glass window. Windows tend to reflect the environment and building provide only few light. So I had to get very close to the glass and increase ISO to get reasonable shutter speeds. Fortunately the parrot was sitting next to the window and I could get a closeup shot of him eating some piece of red pepper.

18mm  f/11  1/50sec  ISO100

With this goose I was not able to keep the fence out of the frame. But I wanted to try something different here. Because the bird was very curious I could get very close to it. With the shortest focal length I tried to get some wide angle shots of the head. To be not that massive and aggressive I folded out the screen of my camera and switched to live view mode and held only the camera close to the bird. I love wide angle shots of animals because they look quite funny with huge noses or beaks. Unfortunately the camera settings have changed when turning on live view mode so the aperture was quite high and thus the background not blurred very well.

The photo of these two Grant's Zebras looks so cute like they were hugging each other. But, in fact they had Spring feelings and were fighting. I love the result although the fence in the background is a bit disturbing.

135mm  f/7,1  1/320sec  ISO400

All the photos were taken with my new EOS 70D and my also new EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom lens. The camera was set into P mode and calculated aperture and shutter speed automatically, with exception of the goose, which were taken in live view mode and had some fully automatically setting. Because of the overcast sky I used a fixed ISO value of 400, except the parrot which were shot inside a building and needed some higher ISO. All photos were taken hand-held.