Sziklatemplom - Cave Church in Budapest

18mm  f/6.3  1/125sec  ISO200
I spent the recent weekend in Hungary's capital, Budapest. It is a beautiful city which I visited several times already. Budapest is divided into two parts by river Danube. At one side of the river is Buda, the mountainous part with a castle and several outlooks. At the opposite river bank is Pest, the plain part with the city center. At one of the Buda mountains they have built a little church into some caves. This is what I was visiting this time. After entering the main entrance you have to go down some stairs to reach the church. Being in there was an amazing feeling. It was dark, but enough light to see everything. I had expected a large cave but in fact there were several smaller ones, each designed like a small chapel. At some locations they have cut holes into the rock and installed beautiful and colorful windows. They spent some soft daylight. Sometimes the ceiling was so low that you could not stand straight. The main hall instead was really high. I'm absolutely not religious, but I love to go into churches to feel the silent atmosphere in there. This cave church had a really special mood that I enjoyed a lot.

27mm  f/4  1/4sec  ISO1600

35mm  f/4.5  1/10sec  ISO1600

18mm  f/3.5  1/13sec  ISO1600
The cave church visit was also a test for my newly acquired EOS 70D camera with my new EF-S 18-135mm lens. I wanted to test the image quality in low light situations with really high ISO values. The camera was set into P mode and calculated shutter speed and aperture automatically. Because I had no tripod with me I had to increase ISO a lot to get fast enough shutter speeds for shooting free-hand without using a flash light. My other camera, an EOS 600D, produces really noisy images at ISO values of 800 and above. This time, with my new camera I boosted ISO up to 1600. This gaves me usable shutter speeds, but I was expecting noisy images as well. With the small camera screen you cannot really check image quality. At home I reviewed the taken photos and I was surprised. Although it was quite dark and ISO was really high there was nearly no noise at all visible in the image. Now I know that with this camera I can easily shoot in low light environment with higher ISO values. I'm amazed about that.