55mm  f/5.6  1/50sec  ISO400
Fall season is mushroom time. Some weeks ago I sent some days in the Black Forest area in southern Germany. During a walk through the woods I came across a lot of mushrooms. Big ones and tiny ones. Some were proudly standing out other were hiding under foliage or moss. Since I had never taken photos of mushrooms this was my chance for a first try. Mushrooms are a quite interesting scene because of their funny shapes. I have seen lots of beautiful pictures and today I wanted to capture my own ones.

55mm  f/5.6  1/40sec  ISO400
Shooting mushrooms from a straight standing position is boring. To get a more interesting perspective I went down to ground level. Just as with animal photography mushrooms look best when shot at their level. For some situations this was easy as the mushroom grew at a steep slope. I easily could get at it's level. In other scenes I had to fold out the screen of my camera and rest it onto the tip of my shoe. This was my way to stabilize it because I had no tripod with me.

55mm  f/5.6  1/15sec  ISO400
All the photos were taken with my EOS 600D and my EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 standard zoom kit lens mounted to it. Camera was set into P mode and calculated aperture and shutter speed automatically. This is usually my standard setting. Because of the difficult light situation in the woods I set ISO value to 400. I don't like to get much higher to avoid ugly image noise. As already mentioned I took the photos hand held with no use of a tripod.