Poppy Art

When I was post processing my recent photos of Poppy I played a bit with the tools of image manipulation. There are several ways to change the appearance of an image. You can change white balance, contrast or saturation. One option in my image processing tool got my special attention: Color tone. When I was moving this ruler around the colors changed extremely, but without loosing any detail, like it would be with saturation or contrast. That was amazing. The same photo in same quality with completely different colors.

Another way to manipulate a photo is playing with black and white. I desaturated the whole image and with a second layer I cut out the strongly red Poppy blossom. This is an excellent technique to point out details or to separate things from it's surroundings. I did this with former photos of mine, like here, here and here.

To be complete, here is the original photograph, which I like very much as well.