Stork's Nest

400mm  f/5.6  1/4000sec  ISO400
During the Easter days I spent some time at a friends yard. Near his home there is a high chimney and on top of it some storks created a huge nest. Every spring they come back to breed here. I know this and thus took my zoom lens with this time to take some photos of these beautiful birds. The light is best in the morning hours when the sun is behind me. One stork was sitting in the nest most of the time warming the eggs. The other one was away in the surrounding meadows searching for food. From time to time they meet at the nest and greeting each other by clattering their beaks. That was the signal for me to grab my camera.

400mm  f/5.6  1/500sec  ISO400
In the late evening hours when the sun has set down the light was again beautiful. The sky turned red and the nest with it's storks appeared as a silhouette. That was an amazing sight which I tried to catch on photo. Again I had to wait until the one stork was returning from the meadows, but because of their greeting noise, I was immediately aware of when this happened. I took some photos, which I really like, but soon it got too dark and I had to finish this photo session.

I took these photographs with my EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L zoom lens mounted at my EOS 500D camera. I switched the camera into Av mode with a fixed aperture value. I chose the lowest possible value to get higher shutter speeds which were calculated automatically. The other aspect to increase shutter speed, was a fixed ISO value of 400. The reason for achieving higher shutter speeds was because I shot free hand. The resulting quality is not that good as I would have liked it. The scene is quite nice but the images are a bit blurred. Maybe it is because of the low aperture value which causes a narrow depth of field. Maybe it is because of camera shakes caused by shooting free hands.