Illuminated Bridge

Some days ago I shared photos of our recently held bi-annual light arts event, called "Luminale". Today I want to publish further photos of that event taken at another night at a different location. The exhibits are distributed throughout many parts of our city. One location raised my attention a lot. It is a newly build bridge over our river. The exhibition flyer promised a colorful illumination and I was curious about what it would look like.

18mm  f/3.5  1.6sec  ISO400  -1EV
When I arrived at the bridge the illumination performance just started. The whole building was covered in intensive blue color. Light beams were swirling around. I positioned my tripod next to one of the arches to let it appear quite massively in upper front of the scene. While the color faded from shades of to pink to bright green I changed my position to nearly the center of the driveway. Fortunately the road was closed for the duration of that performance. Additionally I turned my camera by 90 degrees to portrait format to frame the bridge in a better way. This way the supporting arch appears even more massive.

18mm  f/3.5  1/6sec  ISO400  -1EV
24mm  f/4  .6sec  ISO400  -2EV
After crossing the bridge the road made a turn and offered a side view to the building. The illumination has changed to be very colorful. Light beamers were positioned at both sides of the bridge which were projecting colorful patterns onto the bridge and it's supports. That was an amazing sight and so beautiful to watch. This was my absolutely favorite scene. So colorful, so impressive, simply fabulous.

34mm  f/4.5  1sec  ISO400  -2EV

18mm  f/3.5  3.2sec  ISO400  -1EV
After some time I went back over the bridge and followed the river bank. I wanted to get a different view of the bridge and it's illumination. I found a spot with a nice view. The were trees and bushes which make the scene more interesting. From that lower side view, the illumination of the bridge supports was more clearly visible. The light beams appear more impressive from that location. And the colorful reflection at the water surface was amazing.

49mm  f/5.6  6sec  ISO400  -1EV
I went further up the river bank in search for a location where I get a clear view at the bridge and the city's skyline behind it. After taking the first shots I was impressed. The skyline at night is always beautiful but the colorful illuminated bridge in front of it made the scene even more amazing. From that point of view the reflection of lights in the river were more intense. That evening out to the bridge was definitely worth it. Besides the illuminated facade of our stock exchange building, this bridge was my highlight of this year's Luminale.

For taking all these photos I chose the following setup: My EOS 600D was equipped with a 18-55mm standard zoom kit lens. The camera was set into P mode and calculated aperture and shutter speed automatically. Usually this setting results in overexposed photos during night time. That's why I activated spot metering and used exposure correction to get a nicely exposed result. ISO was at a fixed value of 400 to get faster shutter speeds at low light. Since the camera was mounted onto a tripod I disabled image stabilization. To prevent camera shakes I activated mirror lock and used a remote release control.