Fire and Flame

Since I got my iPhone 5 over a year ago, I took a lot of photos with it. I'm using an app that allows me to adjust aspect ratio and control focus point and exposure. Most of the time the photos come quite OK. Sometimes they are really bad but from time to time it happens that I get really surprised about the quality. So it was with the two scenes I'm showing today.

4.1mm  f/2.4  1/202sec  ISO50
The first photo is about a small camp fire we did at a friends back yard last Spring. We used an large, old and rusty pot, placed some pieces of wood into it and inflamed them. It was a wonderful atmosphere. We were sitting around the fire in the dark night talking and having fun. The flames were dancing around in that pot. This was when I took out my iPhone and got as close as necessary to frame the scene nicely. I set exposure point right into the flames to get them exposed correctly. From that scene I took a small series of photos in the hope at least one would not be motion blurred too much. I had to hold the phone in my hand with no help to stabilize it. The result came out surprisingly well.

4.1mm  f/2.4  1/148sec  ISO50
The second scene that I captured last year was again at night at another friends terrace. To make the evening more comfortable and emotional we placed some small candles onto the table. I like fire at night. It creates such a positive atmosphere. The candles were burning down quite fast and soon some wax were flooding the table. This was the time when I took out my iPhone again and tried to catch this scene onto a photograph. I again set exposure to the flame to not get it overexposed. This time I could rest the phone onto the table surface and stabilize it this way. I again was surprised by the good quality of this night shot.