White Cargo Containers

35mm f/5.6  1/2500sec  ISO200
Last Summer I was on a cruise to Greenland and one of our ports of call was the capital city of Nuuk. In the harbor where our ship was docked there were huge stacks of white cargo containers. The sight was amazing. One of the scenes I would like to shoot for a long time is doors of cargo containers. Here was my chance to fulfill this dream. Standing right in front of such a huge stack of containers is very impressive. There was another stack that was even two rows higher than the one shown in this photo here. I took out my camera and tried to frame some nice and interesting scenes of container doors.

44mm  f/13  1/400sec  ISO200
55mm  f/13  1/400sec  ISO200

Some of the containers were stacked with their door towards me, others with their backs. There were newly looking boxes and some older ones. All these together create some interesting scenes. I framed them in groups of 2 or 6 to maintain my usual image aspect ratio. Another interesting aspect is that there were only white freezing containers.

55mm  f/13  1/400sec  ISO200

In post processing the photos I had to adapt perspective a bit, because I was shooting upwards and got congesting vertical lines. These I had to correct. Also, I narrowed the frame to exactly match the container edges. The result came out quite nice. My favorite one is the last photo shown here.

49mm  f/16  1/500sec  ISO200

These photos were taken with my EOS 600D camera and an EF-S 18-55mm standard zoom kit lens. I had the camera set into my usual mode, which is P mode. Aperture and shutter speed are calculated automatically. Because of sunny weather I chose a fixed ISO value of 200. I did not have any tripod with me and took the photos hand-held.