Fall at Potomac River

Early November this year I was on vacation in the area around Washington, D.C. With my rental car I was cruising through beautiful and colorful landscapes. The Fall season was at it's peak. All the tree were shining in bright and strong colors of yellow, orange and red. Some trees still were completely green, where others had already left all of their leafs. I made a stop in Brunswick, Maryland, at a camping site located directly at Potomac River. It was a cloudy morning, with sunny parts. The sight of the river and it's colorful banks was amazing.

Form time to time a sun spot was running though landscape, illuminating tree and making them glow for a few second. The bright colors were even more intensive in front of a darker background. This was the case with this island in my second photo. In front of a dark river bank the colorful tree on that island was brightly illuminated by backlight sun. Reflecting colors on the water surface simply look great. The Canada geese add even more mood to this intensive scene. I was sitting there at the river bank for some time enjoying the beautiful landscape and watching hundreds of geese.

Both photographs were taken with my EOS 500D camera and my excellent EF 100-400mm f/4-5.6L zoom lens. Camera was set into Av mode with fixed aperture value of f/8 for best image quality. ISO was at a fixed value of 400 to reach reasonable fast shutter speeds, which were calculated by camera automatically. To stabilize the lens I was sitting down with my elbow rested on my knee. In post production I darkened the photos a bit to more point out the colors and I increased saturation lightly to increase color strength.