Apple Tree

Some weeks ago I was visiting a friend which has some apple trees on his yard. We were sitting at his terrace enjoying beautiful weather and having a good time. I was fascinated by his apple trees full of colorful and delicious fruits.

55mm  f/5.6  1/40sec  ISO400
An hour later I grabbed my camera and started a walk under that trees in search for beautiful scenes. The first apple that got my attention was a single one hanging lonely at a branch. It was a lower branch with all the leaves pointing up. There was only this one fruit hanging down and thus was standing out of its surrounding. I first took photos from my position but that was too low. I did not want a perspective where I was looking upwards. So I folded out my camera screen, switched into Live View mode and raised the camera above my head. This way a got a straight view at the apple as if I was at its height. This scene was much better.

55mm f/5.6  1/30sec  ISO400
In my further search for nice scenes I found a pair of apples that were glowing brightly between dark green leaves. The contrast of intensive red and yellow to strong and dark green is great. I chose a position where I get a nice perspective. The main apple should be clear in front and the other one behind it and blurred a bit. This gives the scene some depth. To keep and point out the mentioned contrast I left some leaves in frame. Because of low aperture value the background is blurred nicely and even shows some beautiful bokeh. I like this scene.

55mm  f/5.6  1/50sec  ISO400
With the last photo I thought I could try some black and white experiment again. I wanted to point out the apple by turning the image into a gray scale one and just leaving the fruit in its original color. I did this technique last year with Fall leaves. It was interesting to see that the apple now looks kind of different. If the surrounding is colored and mainly green you do not realize that it is reflecting the green color that much. It now looks red at front but seems to be intensively green at it's back side.

I took these photos with my EOS 600D camera with an EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 kit zoom lens mounted to it.  Because of low light under the trees I set ISO to a fixed value of 400. The first photo was taken in P mode, the other two in Av mode with lowest possible aperture value of f/5.6. Shutter speeds were calculated by camera automatically. The photos were shot hand-held.