Sleepy Husky

260mm  f/8  1/400sec  ISO400
During my recent summer vacation I visited Sisimiut, the second largest city in Greenland. It is a nice little town with colorful houses and lots of sled dogs. On my walk though the streets I came to a lawn where some of these dogs were sleeping. When a Husky sleeps it curls together, pushing his head into the fur of his belly and covers the face with his bushy tail. In the end you just see a pile of fur. From time to time the ears got up, listening to some noise. But nothing else of the dog was moving, except breathing.

400mm  f/8  1/400sec  ISO400
When seeing these dogs I got the idea to take a photo of one Husky laying down in his sleeping position and raising his head to look directly to me. I did a similar shot some years ago and was amazed by the mood this image created. I changed my position to get a rear view of the dog in a way that if he raises his head he would look directly to me just over his body. I went down on my knees and stabilized the lens by resting my elbow onto my leg. When I was ready I made a short whistle to get his attention. First he only lifted his ears and turned them to my direction. I again whistled and this time he opened his eyes but left the head down.

Since this was still not the scene I wanted I whistled again. This time the dog was raising his head. He was looking directly to me with his sleepy eyes. Perfect! A beautiful dog with a stunning look. Just like I have intended the photo to come out.

400mm  f/8  1/400sec  ISO400

Here is anther Husky in the same amazing position. I took this photo the way as described above. This one looks a bit more majestic then the one above.

400mm  f/5.6  1/1000sec  ISO400

For taking these photos I used my EOS 500D camera and my heavy EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L tele zoom lens. Camera was set into Av mode with a fixed aperture value of f/8. This setting should produce the best image quality. ISO was at a fixed value of 400. The camera calculated shutter speed automatically. Since I usually do not carry any tripod with me when I'm on vacation I had to shoot free-hands with resting my arm onto my leg.