Reflecting Icebergs

100mm  f/13  1/800sec  ISO400
During my Summer Cruise to Greenland this year one of our stops was Ilulissat and Disko Bay. This part of Greenland is famous for really huge icebergs. A big glacier is terminating near the city and huge blocks of ice are breaking off at it's end. Due to an underwater bump these icebergs cannot drift away. They got stuck and have to melt for several month to get smaller and lighter. If they are small enough to pass the bump they drift away into Disko bay. From here they take their way across Davis strait and southward along the eastern coast of Canada. So, I you want to see huge icebergs, Disko Bay will be definitely the place to be.

100mm  f/13  1/1000sec  ISO400
I took part in an excursion into the ice field with a small fishing boat. This way you get really close to all this ice. Because you are near water level you get a more intense impression of the size of those icebergs. At one point right within the ice field the water surface got quite smooth. This is because neither wind nor waves can reach this place. It is protected by surrounding ice. The flat sea surface was reflecting the ice and icebergs fantastically. It was all in all a awesome scene. At horizon level there were dark clouds. Right above us the sky got clear and the sun came out. The ice was illuminated and shining in bright white. All this gave a strong contrast and was so beautiful to look at.

100mm  f/14  1/1000sec  ISO400
While post processing the images at home I again was amazed by the beauty of that landscape. The colors are fantastic. Not only the contrast between dark sky and bright ice is nice, the different color shades within the ice is amazing, too. But, as with my recent post about Arctic Cotton grass, I was curious how the scene looks like without colors. I desaturated one image and turned it into a gray scale photo. I must admit, I like this one more, than the colored photographs. It is my favorite. While looking at the scene you get not distracted by any colors. The ice gets more detailed, the contrast between dark and bright is more intense. I love this one.

100mm  f/14  1/1000sec  ISO400

All these photos were taken with my EOS 500D and my excellent EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L lens. Camera was set into P mode and calculated aperture and shutter speed automatically. Only ISO value was set to 400 to get higher shutter speeds for motion blur prevention. Because I did not have any tripod with me I took the photos hand-held.