Young Vine

I have already shared a lot of photo from my weekend vacation to lake Balaton in Hungary some weeks ago. Last week I even had a small series with beautiful red poppy blossoms and I published photos of bees and bugs. Today I want to start a new series that will continue in two further posts and will deal with vine.

The area where I spent that weekend is a vineyard area. You see vine plants everywhere you look. It is such an interesting landscape and vine plants are interesting, too. In Spring season when I was there the vine branches started to grow again with new sprouts. These tender and tiny new branches look so fragile at those old and bony main trunks. The young and fresh green is a beautiful contrast to the dark gray. It is such a nice scene.

40mm  f/5.6  1/640sec  ISO100
First I took some photos with young spouts against the blue sky. The scene consists of an old dark trunk where a new juicy green sprout is raising up. All this is backed by a beautiful clear blue sky. This makes it easy to direct attention to the young vine branch. I wanted to crop out the lower right area with a blurred tree, but thought it would be nice disruption of the overall blue background. Especially in the second photo it supports the curved main line and adds perfectly to the scene.

35mm  f/5.6  1/800  ISO100
After some further search in the vineyard I found another beautiful sprout. This time I wanted to shoot it with some other trees in the background to underline that the branches are located in some natural environment. To separate the sprout from the background I had to choose a low aperture value and a far distance to the back. This was the case here and I think this photo looks better than the ones.

43mm  f/5  1/500sec  ISO100
I took these photos with my EOS 600D and my EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 standard zoom kit lens. With all three photos I have set the camera into Av mode and selected the lowest possible aperture value. Especially in the last photo this created a nice depth of field which separated the branch from background. Due to the sunny weather I could choose a fixed ISO value of 100 and still get fast enough shutter speeds calculated by the camera. The photos were all taken hand-held.