Red Poppy

Yesterday I shared some photos of single red poppy blossoms. As I told in that post I have much more to share of these beautiful flowers. So, here is part 2 of my poppy series. This time I want to deal with clusters of blossoms in various scenes.

55mm  f/5.6  1/320sec  ISO100
The most common scene of flowers in nature is on green meadows. This is what I also did at first. I was looking for a nice bunch of blossoms on a meadow and paid attention that both open and closed blossoms are in the scene. The background should not disturb the scene, even if blurred. I set my camera into Av mode and selected the smallest possible aperture value to get a nice depth of field. The blossom in front should be sharp where the ones in the background will be blurred out. The result came out very nice. I love it.

43mm  f/5  1/2000sec  ISO200
A second scene I came across was on a hike along a hillside. There I found a bunch of poppy flowers with a different background. You have the blossoms in foreground and in the back you see the valley, lake and sky. This is a scene I really liked. So I again went down on my knees and took a low aperture value shot, which blurred out the background. This points out and directs the attention to the flowers. The strong red blossoms in front of blue sky are as beautiful as in front of green meadows. This photo is another favorite of mine.

24mm  f/11  1/250sec  ISO200
A third scene that I though could be interesting was again at a hillside. There was a wall at one side of the way and on top the wall a vineyard started. And there I found some red poppy flowers again. Since this time the plants were located a bit higher I tried to take photos from below with direction to the sun. To get a nice light balance and let the blossoms glow I hided the sun behind one blossom. This scene looks quite different and strange but interesting, too. And again the glowing red color is a beautiful contrast to the blue sky. I love it.

All the photos were taken again with my EOS 600D camera and the EF-S 18-55mm kit lens. For the first two photos I've set the camera into Av mode with a fixed aperture value and let the camera calculate shutter speed automatically. The last one was shot in P mode, where the camera calculates everything automatically. ISO value was set to fixed value of 100 or 200 because of the sunny weather conditions.