Red Poppy Blossoms

Some weeks ago I spent a weekend at lake Balaton in Hungary. At fabulous weather conditions I hiked through vine yards and meadows. What I was absolutely fascinated of were the many, many red poppy flowers spread all around the landscape. Everywhere you look you see strong red dots in juicy green meadows. I found so many beautiful scenes with this flowers that I will deal with it in my next few posts. Today I want to focus on single red poppy blossoms.

55mm  f/5.6  1/100sec  ISO100
A single blossom of red poppy can look very elegant, but also fragile. With it's strong and intensive red color it easily separates from the surrounding. It is impressive how such a thin stalk can hold this huge blossom. The 4 leaves are weaving in the wind like pieces of fine fabric. They are shining in the sun like silk. I love these flowers because of their fragility, shape and most of all their intense and strong red color.

55mm  f/5.6  1/250sec  ISO100
When taking photos of single blossoms you try to separate them by choosing a low aperture value which results in a heavily blurred background. This is what I did with the first photos. I set the camera into Av mode and selected the lowest possible aperture value. With first photo shown here I additionally chose a darker background. This scene intensifies the strong color and points out the shape of the blossom. The second photo was also taken with a low aperture value, but this time at an open meadow. You have that natural color composition of green and red. The blossom shape clearly stands out the blurred background.

48mm  f/10  1/200sec  ISO200
The last photo is quite different. The blossom is located within the high grass leaves and was shot with a higher aperture value. I forgot to switch back to Av mode and adjust aperture and thus took the  photo in P mode, where the camera calculates everything automatically. You do not have the blurred background, but, due to the strong red color the blossom still clearly separates from the surroundings. I like this scene. I looks like this fragile flower is standing strong between all these much larger grass straws.

I took these photos with my EOS 660D camera and my EF-S 18-55mm standard zoom kit lens. ISO was set to a fixed value of 100 or 200, because of the sunny weather. For taking side shot photos of the blossom I either went down to my knees or even laid down flatly, or I folded out the camera screen and used live view to frame and focus the scene.


Louis Dallara said…
Beautiful flower work