Inside Red Poppy Blossoms

Today I want continue my series with photos of beautiful red poppy that I took on a weekend at lake Balaton some weeks ago. Part 1 of the series dealt with single blossoms and part 2 was about blossom clusters. With this last part 3 I want to look inside red poppy blossoms.

51mm  f/10  1/80sec  ISO100
During my hikes through the meadows and vineyards I took lots of photos of red poppy at various angle and positions. One scene I wanted to try out was to look into a blossom from directly above. This was not that easy because some wind. These fragile flowers are weaving heavily at even the lightest wind. I pointed my camera down and waited until the plant stood still for a moment and then pressed the release button. When looking down to the blossom there are two things that are interesting.

55mm  f/10  1/250sec  ISO200
First there is that inner live with pollen stalks and seed capsule. This creates a nice contrast with its black and yellow color and combines perfectly to the red color of the leaves. The blossom leaves are the other interesting thing. From this perspective they look different. On parts were the sun is reflecting the surface looks like red silk fabric, smooth and soft. At other parts, were the structure creates some shadows, the leaves look like thin, wrinkled paper. This points out the fragility of these leaves even if you not see how thin they are.

Again, at last, the technical facts. I used my EOS 600D camera and my EF-S 18-55mm kit lens for these photos. For the first photo I set the camera into Av mode with fixed aperture value of f/10. I chose a higher value to get most of the blossom sharp. The background is not that blurred, but this doesn't disturb the scene here, because the blossom separates from the background with its strong red color. The second photo was shot in P mode where the camera calculates aperture and shutter speed automatically. ISO was at a fixed value of 100 or 200 because of the sunny weather.