Busy Bee

Two weeks ago I spent a weekend in the vineyards at lake Balaton in Hungary. I will share more photos of this beautiful landscape at a later time. Today I want to start with a busy bee.

55mm  f/11  1/320sec  ISO200
On a meadow there was a bush with beautiful rose hip blossoms. There were shining in the bright sun with their nice pink color. I was looking for some extra beautiful blossoms and took some photos, when suddenly this bee came into scene. It was flying from blossom to blossom harvesting the pollen. I followed it with my camera and tried to get some shots of it. This was anything but easy, because the bee was quite busy. It was moving fast and every time I pressed the release button it was already out of the focus area.

55mm  f/11  1/400sec  ISO200
When checking the photos on my computer later I was surprised and happy to get at least some few good shots. With enlarging the image to 100% zoom I was even more surprised, what was visible. Not only all the hair and pattern of the wings were clear, you also can see that huge clot of collected pollen and the very rear legs. Amazing. And there is also a lot of loose pollen at the rear body. Due to the sunny weather everything is nicely illuminated and the colors are strong. I'm happy with the result, although it is by far not perfect.

I took these photos with my Canon EOS 600D camera and my EF-S 18-5mm kit lens. The camera was set into P mode with fixed ISO value of 200. Aperture and shutter speed was calculated automatically by the camera. This is not an optimum setting for shooting fast moving bees, but as I mentioned, I was taking photos of blossoms before and was afraid, that the bee will fly away soon. So I didn't change any settings and started shooting the bee immediately.