Skyscrapers Fireworks

This weekend the Skyscrapers Festival was held in our city. I have mentioned it in my skyscrapers post some time ago. With this festival the city and its people celebrate their skyline and skyscrapers. One of the many attractions was a giant fireworks called "The night of Skyscrapers", that was held on Saturday night.

27mm  f/7.1  1sec  ISO200  -1EV
The fireworks at last Skyscrapers Festival 6 years ago was absolutely amazing. That's why I was very curious about what this year will happen. The only information I could get in advance was, that it would again be fired from the roofs of some skyscrapers. But, there was no word about what skyscrapers would be involved. That makes it difficult to get an optimum position. Another negative thing was the weather. There was heavy rain forecasted for Saturday evening. I checked the weather radar every minute to get a prediction of when the rain will arrive. The calculation gave no good result. I prepared my camera and packed my bag anyway.

27mm  f/9  1sec  ISO200  -1EV
When I was leaving home it was already raining heavily. But I still went on. Hopefully I will find a dry place under some bridge to get my fireworks photos. But all dry places were already occupied. I also saw some guys that have erected their tripod at rainy places and protected their cameras with plastic bags, but this would be no option to me. Even if the camera would stay dry there will be drops on the lens destroying the photos. So I decided to not take any photos and just enjoy the fireworks in rain. But after some time the rain stopped. The fireworks had not yet started. So I erected my tripod, mounted the camera onto it and prepared everything. The fireworks started and I pressed the remote release button again and again. The badly starting evening got successfully in the end. My position was not that good because parts of the fireworks were hidden by the huge skyscraper in front. But, on the other hand this gives the scene an interesting touch. Especially the reflection of explosions in the skyscrapers windows is amazing.

27mm  f/8  1sec  ISO200  -1EV
Taking photos of fireworks is not that easy. You have all the darkness which requires a lot of light, means low aperture values and long exposure times. And you have the extremely bright light of all the explosions which will be overexposed under normal night light conditions. What I did this time was to set the camera into Tv mode with a fixed shutter speed and let the camera calculate aperture values automatically. To get less noise I chose a fixed ISO value of 200. Shutter speed is essential when shooting fireworks. It decides the size and shape of all explosions. A short shutter speed freezes the explosion while longer values will show the flight path of all the glowing parts. I took values between 1 and 2 seconds. To get a slightly underexposed photo I've set exposure correction to -1EV. The buildings and surroundings become darker but the fireworks gets not that overexposed. I think I got a quite good balance. As already mentioned my camera was mounted on a tripod. I had my EF-S 18-55mm standard zoom kit lens attached and a remote release connected to prevent camera shakes.


Tait said…
Stunning shots! I love the colors with the yellow in the lighting of the building.