Inside a Tulip

There are a lot of colorful flowers in Spring, but tulips are kind of special. They bloom in various colors and their blossom's shape is beautiful.

55mm  f/10  1/125sec  ISO800
Some days ago I was taking photos of tulips in the garden area of some backyard. Usually you take photos of the blossoms from the side to point out their beautiful shape and color. I also found some with a mostly orange blossom with yellow shades. It looked awesome. I always try to find some different perspectives by shooting from below or from above. This time I wanted to know how it looks like if I'm pointing my camera to the inner part of the blossom from straight above. I was amazed by the pattern and its symmetry that I saw. The 6 blossom leaves form a nice hexagon with one color at the bottom and a hard cut into another color. Each lower part is disrupted by some item in an opposite color. And in the center of it all a thick main part with a hairy top. I never payed that attention to the inner part of a tulip blossom, but I was amazed of that view and I still am.

55mm  f/10  1/125sec  ISO800
I took these photos with my EOS 600D camera and my EF-S 18-55mm standard zoom kit lens. This time I've set the camera into Av mode with a fixed aperture value and let the camera automatically calculate shutter speed. I chose an aperture value of f/10 to get a nicely clear photo with all the main parts quite sharp. The disadvantage of that value is that the background becomes quite detailed and distracts from the main object. But it is not a big problem here because the blossom has such a strong and different color that it still clearly separates from background. With that high aperture value I needed to set ISO up to 800 to get reasonable shutter speeds. I zoomed out to maximum focal length to get largest possible magnification. I tried to take a position directly above the blossom to get the best symmetry shot, but I didn't reach it perfectly. Anyway, I'm very happy with the result and I love it.