Eagle looses the catch

On my cruise to Aleutian Islands last Summer I was able to watch a lot of wildlife there. One the most majestic and impressive animals there are the bald eagles.

400mm  f/8  1/800sec  ISO400
One afternoon at the cruise, we were just leaving Unga Island, I noticed an eagle flying low above the sea.  It looks so amazing when the large wings are going up and down. But something was different with this one compared to other eagles I saw. It was struggling a bit and could not get high easily. The reason was soon visible. The Eagle has catched a large fish which must have been of some serious weight. Of course I had my camera with me but fortunately the one with the large 100-400mm zoom lens. I took the camera, extended the zoom to maximum focal length and started taking photos of that struggling eagle. It was amazing. Look at those strong claws piercing through the fish holding it firmly.

400mm  f/8  1/1250sec  ISO400
After some time the eagle got some height and was on its way back to land when it suddenly lost the catch. I didn't notice why, but maybe the fish was moving too much. I just saw the orange thing dropping down. Later on at the photos I was amazed by the look of the eagle. It was very surprised and angry about the mistake. It was so exciting to watch this occasional scene. The eagle turned around, still looking very angry, searching for the fish again. It was flying some circles and our vessel was moving out of the scene unfortunately. In the distance I saw it catching the fish again, but it was too far for my camera. In the end the drama got a lucky finish.

400mm  f/8  1/2000sec  ISO400
I took the photos from aboard a cruise vessel with my EOS 500D camera and the excellent EF 100-400mm L zoom lens attached to it. I had no tripod with me. The camera was set into Av mode with a fixed aperture of f/8 to get the best image quality out of the lens. Shutter speed was calculated automatically by camera. ISO value was set to a fixed value of 400. Even it was a sunny day I chose a high ISO value to get high shutter speeds calculated for quite sharp images.