Beautiful Sunset

350mm  f/8  1/4000sec  ISO200
I spent the last weekend at the coast of North Sea. It were some relaxing two days at the beach of Germany's northernmost island Sylt. I have already posted photos of some beautiful shell scenes taken at that weekend. Today I want to share the mood of an amazing and colorful sunset. We had clear blue sky the whole day, but in the evening some thin clouds have been built up. The setting sun was shining through them and the evening light turned the sky into a brilliant orange color. The different thickness of the clouds resulted in various shades of orange. It was a beautiful and impressive scene.

400mm  f/8  1/1250sec  ISO200
With every minute the sky looked different because the setting sun was illuminating the clouds at another angle. The thick cloud layer near the horizon is a nice disruption of the overall orange sky. I was sitting at the beach enjoying the scene and took some photos. It was amazing to see the white disc moving down, reaching the horizon and soon disappearing. At this point the contrails got illuminated creating a nice contrast to the mostly horizontally layered clouds. This was one really awesome sunset.

400mm  f/8  1/400sec  ISO200
I was there at the beach with my EOS 500D camera and my 100-400mm L zoom lens. The camera was set into Av mode with a fixed aperture value of f/8. This produces best image quality. Shutter speed was calculated automatically. I tried to get more sky into the frame to get it exposed correctly with a nice and intensive orange color. In some cases I corrected exposure in post processing. ISO was set to a fixed value of 200 to prevent image noise. I had no tripod with me but rested the lens onto my knee to reduce camera shake.