Surfer Silhouette

I am a regular reader of Digital Photography School. This week they announced a new weekly challenge with topic "Silhouettes". When I read the article one scene came immediately in my mind that I have captured some years ago: The silhouette of a surfer boy at a beach in San Francisco, California.

48mm  f/8  1/740sec  ISO50
It was in Fall of 2009 when I was on a cruise along the US west coast. One stop was the city of San Francisco. After walking through the streets we decided to take the train down to the beach. Unfortunately the ride got a bit out of control and we had a huge delay. When reaching the beach the sun was already setting down. But on the other hand, this was also our luck. The sunset mood with the heavy waves was great. Suddenly a surfer boy came by and was walking into the sea. At this point I had to grab my camera and catch this emotional scene. Because I was shooting against the sun, the surfer appears just as a silhouette. Another aspect of this back light photo is the very high shutter speed, which freezes the impressive waves, making it even more amazing. I love this photo and I'm a bit proud of it.

The photo was taken before my DSLR era. I took it with my Nikon E8700 camera.