Snowdrop in snow

It is Easter right now and it should be Spring season already. Instead it is still cold, sky is overcast and snow is falling down. Temperatures are below zero degrees Celsius. Everyone is waiting for Spring to arrive, but it doesn't.

50mm  f/11  1/320sec  ISO200
Despite the tough Winter there are already first signs of Spring. One of them are little Snowdrop flowers peeking through snow. They are always the first flowers to appear and announcing that Spring is near. These tiny plants are so cute and lovely.
Today I was out in our little garden and was looking for some snowdrop. They were not easily to find in the snow covered ground, but with a little closer look I could find some. With their thin leafs and stipes and white blossoms they are camouflaged quite well.

50mm  f/11  1/320sec  ISO200
I took my camera, went down to my knees, folded out the display screen, switched the camera to live view mode and placed it onto my knee. This way I got a very low perspective which looks great for these tiny plants and a stable position as well. I zoomed out to a focal length that fits the whole snowdrop group in frame. First I had the camera set to P mode an let it calculate aperture and shutter speed automatically. With a calculated aperture of f/11 the blossoms were quite sharp. I tried to blur out the background by switching to Av mode with the lowest possible aperture value. But this didn't work to my satisfaction. The background was nicely unsharp but the depth of field was so tight that the blossom were mostly blurred as well.

The photos shown here were taken with my EOS 600D camera and my Tamron 18-270mm universal zoom lens. The photo quality of that lens is not that high, but it is quite useful when you are not able to carry your whole gear with you. Camera was set into P mode and calculated aperture value and shutter speed automatically. Because of overcast sky I have set ISO to a fixed value of 200. The second photo is a crop of the first one to get a closer look at the scene.