Floating Ice Time Lapse

It was the last morning of my recent vacation to northern Norway when I looked out of the window of my hotel room and saw ice on the fjord.

24mm  f/11  1/250sec  ISO200
I spent some days in Kirkenes and the hotel I've chosen was located directly at the fjord bank. I got a room with a nice water view, but this last morning was different to others. All the days ago the fjord was free of ice and bumpy by winds. Today it was covered with thin floats of ice. Together with the rising sun peeking through the clouds and illuminating the white surrounding it was an amazing view. There was nearly no wind so everything looked so peaceful. With you pure eye you could only hardy see any movement. But I know the ice must be moving, especially with the fact that the fjord contains sea water and it connected to tides. Currently the tide was lowering.

I immediately was reminded of time lapse video that can make slow motions clearly visible. This icy fjord is an ideal scene for that. For time lapse videos I usually use my iPhone 5 with an app called "TimeLapse". This is much easier than doing it with my DSLR and the quality is very good. So, I unpacked my tiny tripod, especially designed for smart phones, placed on the window ledge and mounted the iPhone to it. I took several videos with different speeds from 1 to 5 frames per second and with different directions. Unfortunately I forgot the lock aperture and therefore the video is flickering a bit at some parts.

Watching the resulting video was awesome. The ice was clearly moving out of the fjord due to lowering tide. What I was most amazed of was that the ice in the back is moving in the opposite direction. First I was irritated but then I remembered that when water is sucked out of some basin it creates swirls. The whole area in front of the hotel turned into a giant slow rotating swirl. Amazing!

Here is the resulting video, cut together and with some music. Make sure to view it in HD and full screen for best experience. Also take a look and the movement in the back and don't forget the clouds!