Shooting Against Sun

Some days ago I read an article in Digital Photography School about Using Backlight in Nature Photography which was quite interesting, because I love to take photos against the sun. Backlight is great for creating silhouettes, but I also used it for providing some objects with a kind of halo, like I already showed in a former post. Today I want to present some photos with the sun peeking through gaps and holes which I took last Fall..

27mm  f/10  1/250sec  ISO200
This photo of a red rock with the sun shining through a gap was taken in a park called "Garden of the Gods" near Colorado Springs, Colorado last Fall. As you can see it was a bright and clear day. This park is absolutely fantastic. All these red rocks with strange shapes erecting high into the sky are a beautiful sight and a nice contrast to green plants and trees. At some location I found this gap in one of the rock and positioned myself in a way that the sun was just shining through the very bottom of that gap. Aperture value of f/10 gives the sun a nice starburst look. The rocks behind me were reflecting the sun light and providing some ambient light so the rock in front of me was not completely dark in that shot. I like it.

55mm  f/10  1/250sec  ISO200
The second photo was taken on the same day but at a different location somewhere in a park in Manitou, Colorado. It shows another favorite way for me to use backlight. Taking photos through a colorful tree in Fall against the sun lets the leaves glow in strong an bright color. This huge tree with yellow leaves was perfect for this scene. This time I did not hide the sun with some leaves but let it shine through. This creates a nice star within the mass of leaves and it looks fantastic. Since the there is only a little hole for shining through the sun is not that dominating and has some nice thin rays. I like this photo because of the strong contrast, the bright and intensive color and, of course, the sun.

All these photos were taken with my EOS 600D camera and my EF-S 18-55mm standard zoom kit lens. The camera was set into P mode with fixed ISO of 200 and calculated aperture and shutter speed automatically.