New Year Fireworks Time Lapse

From my balcony I have a nice and spectacular view on New Year's fireworks in my city. Every year thousands of people meet at the river banks to celebrate the new year and fire a lot of fireworks into the sky. This year I thought it could be nice to create a time lapse of this happening. To do this I wanted to try out the time lapse capabilities of my new iPhone 5. I installed a TimeLapse app and configured it to take a shot every second for a period of 1 hour and render a video with 30 fps. This will result in a 2 minute video sequence. I mounted a small tripod to the railing of my balcony and attached the iPhone to it. At about half an hour before midnight I started recording which then finished about half an hour after midnight. My intention for this timing was to record how the crowd is forming with the main action happening at half of the video and to capture how people are leaving afterwards. The result turned out quite well. It's an awesome piece of video and I love it. (Watch in HD and full screen for best viewing experience!)