Beautiful Raindrops

55mm  f/5.6  1/100sec  ISO200
On my Summer vacation last year I came to Kodiak, Alaska. It was a gray and rainy day. All the plants around were covered with lots of raindrops. At one downhill street I found a situation where the lawn of one property was at some higher level, at about chest height. There I had a comfortable position to look through all those blades of grass without laying myself down on ground and getting wet. The view was gorgeous. All the blades of grass were covered with such a lot of water drops and the leaves were bent down by all the attached weight. With this photo I wanted to capture an impression of that scene. I chose the lowest possible aperture to get a nice depth of field. ISO was set to 200 due to overcast sky.

55mm  f/8  1/160sec  ISO200
When it comes to raindrops hanging at branches and leaves I always get in mind pictures from the Internet with raindrops reflecting their surrounding. The view through a raindrop like through a lens is awesome. This is what I wanted to try at this lawn. To get maximum magnification I adjusted my zoom lens to highest focal length and got as close as possible to the selected blade of grass. For best image quality and sharpness I selected an aperture value of f/8. With a quite sharp photo you can crop out a small part of it and get a macro like magnification. The photo shown here was made this way. I am fascinated by the water drops containing the mirrored surrounding. This looks awesome. I love it.

55mm  f/8  1/200sec  ISO200
At another location on my walk through the town I detected this horsetail like plant. I was fascinated by the water drops resting in the crotches like diamond pearls. Nature is so incredible. The surface of that branches must be of a kind that water drops stay in nearly perfect sphere shape. It looks like one has thrown a hand full of glass pearls onto the plant. I took this photo the same way as the one above with highest possible focal length and closest possible distance for maximum magnification and fixed aperture of f/8 for best image quality. In post processing I cropped out a small part of the original photo to further increase the felt magnification and point out details.

All photos were taken with my EOS 600D and my EF-S 18-55mm standard zoom kit lens and no tripod used. Camera was set into Av mode with fixed aperture value and automatically calculated shutter speeds.