Former Open Coal Mine

Some days ago I went to an open coal mine. At the point where I was the mining had finished and the mine was filled with sand again. Just a little hole was left which is filled with ground water. Usually the water level would be much higher, but ground water is still pumped out the ground. There were active pumps all around there. Due to the low water level the bank of that small lake is heavily eroded by weather. The different colors of the sand in conjunction with all those channels and gorges make a surreal landscape. Unfortunately it was a dark gray day so the colors are not that brilliant. I also like the clouds and the power station with all that steam in the back. The power station is fed by the coal of this mine which is still active at the opposite end.

I took this photo with my newly acquired iPhone 5. There is not much to setup with the iPhone camera. Everything is calculated automatically. The photo was taken with an ISO value of 50, and a shutter speed of 1/376 sec. Aperture of f/2.4 and focal length of 4 mm are always fixed.