Clouds and Lake Reflection

When I was on vacation to Colorado some weeks ago, I was amazed by the interesting and beautiful clouds at some days. It looked like the mountains of the Rockies were acting as a weather devide. The dark gray clouds ended suddenly at the mountains with a quite sharp edge and afterwards blue sky and shunshine appears. The clouds stayed there for nearly the whole day and immediately after sunset they disappeared quickly. I have never seen such clouds so far. But it was not only that sharp edge of those clouds that got my attention. The clouds looked like a flat, gray layer in the sky, but with a beautiful and interesting texture.

I was driving around in the area of Longmont, CO where there are a lot of lakes and reservoirs. Since it was calm weather the lakes were like mirrors and these awesome clouds were reflecting in their surface. It was hard to concentrate on the traffic because I was so fascinated by that scene. At McCall Lake I got the chance to enter the shore and park my car. The mirror like lake with dark clouds reflecting in it and Rocky Mountains in the back formed such a beautiful scene I coulnd't get enough of. All the intense colors around were adding even more mood.

For image composition I chose a wider angle focal length to capture as much of the scene as possible into the frame. And to point out that amazing reflection I broke the rule of thirds and centered the horizon. This creates a nice effect of symmetry. All photos here were shot with the lowest possible focal length of my EF-S 18-55mm kit lens. ISO was at 100. My camera was set in P mode and calculated aperture and shutter speed automatically.

In the evening before sunset I returned to that lake. I wanted to see the sun hiding behind the Rocky Mountains and was curious how it would like with all the reflections in that lake. It was georgeous. After the sun has disappeared the clouds started to change their shape and most of all their color. They were getting more and more orange and with them reflecting in the lake it was such a beautiful scene. This was the perfect end of an awesome day on vacation.