BMX Jump

Some days ago I again went to that bridge at our river bank where the supports are painted with new graffitis regularily. Below the bridge is a small skate park where Skaters and BMX bikers practise their skills. I was taking photos of the graffitis and tried to include some ramps of that skate park to show the art work in its environment and to make the scene more interesting. Suddenly, I was just taking photos, one of the BMX boys was driving through my scene and performed a turning jump on a ramp. I constantly held my finger on the release button and this is how this photo arised.

I had my EOS 600D camera with me and have mounted my EF-S 18-55mm kit lens to it, because I needed and wide angle lens for the graffiti photos. Since it is quite dark below the bridge I've chosen a fixed ISO value of 800. The camera was set into Av mode with the lowest aperture value of f/3.5 to create a nice depth of field. Focal length was at 18mm. This combination resulted in a high shutter speed of 1/1250 sec which was perfect to freeze the jumping biker quite sharply in the photo.

I initially took the photo in landscape format, because I intended to captured the graffiti wall. In post processing the image I cutted out a smaller frame in portrait format to more direct the attention to that jumping BMX biker boy.