Squirrel in Fall foliage

I just came around this photo of a cute squirrel in my photo archive. It was taken in Chicago, IL last year in late October on a vacation to the U.S. And since it is containing nice Fall foliage I thought it might fit into my current series of beautiful Fall photos. The squirrel was busy in collecting some fruits and hiding it in the soil area under the tree for Winter time. Every now and then it was observing the surrounding by standing tall and looking around and this is when this photo was shot. Squirrels are so cute. I spent a lot of time in the park observing the creature and it was so much fun.

The photo was taken with my EOS 600D camera and my Tamron 18-270mm lens. The camera was set into P mode with a fixed ISO value of 100 due to the sunny weather. Aperture was calculated by the camera with f/6.3 and shutter speed was 1/25sec with a focal length of full 270mm. When looking at these value I must say I had great luck that the image is not blurred. Such a slow shutter speed with this high focal length usually ends in a totally blurred image. Especially when shooting without a tripod. I should have chosen a higher ISO value this time.