Red Sandstone Wall

Today the Digital Photography School Blog announced a new Weekly Photography Challenge with "Texture" as topic. When reading the post I immediately got the idea of a nice texture. All around our river bank in the city are walls and bridge supports built of red sandstone bricks. Sandstone easily erodes by weather and thus it often shows a nice texture. So I decided to attend the challenge and go out to the river and take some photos of those red walls.

This first photo shows a detail of one wall. It is typical for the walls here that every brick looks different. There are no two bricks looking the same. And this makes those walls so interesting. The bricks here in the photo look awesome because they have totally different textures. The one down right is quite new and shows nearly no erosion. In contrast to this the brick above is heavily eroded. The upper left one has a nice texture of different shades of red broken by some white lines. I love this combination.

The second photo shows a part of another wall. It also contains those more or less eroded sandstone bricks in different shades of red broken by white parts. With this photo I tried to play a bit with grayscale. The whole wall in black and white looked nice but I thought it might be more interesting when leaving one brick in its original color. This points out the beautiful red color of that brick and furthermore directs the attention of the viewer to it. I like the result.

This time I had my EF-S 18-55mm standard zoom kit lens mounted to my EOS 600D camera. The camera was in Av mode to adjust aperture to my wishes. I have chosen relatively low aperture values to get higher shutter speeds. It was quite dark due to a bridge and trees around and I didn't want to set ISO that high. So I lowered aperture values to increase shutter speeds. ISO was set to 400, due to the mentioned shady light conditions. The first photo was shot with a focal length of 35mm and a shutter speed of 1/50sec. The second photo had a shutter speed of 1/60sec with a focal length of 18mm.