Orange Leaf

Yesterday I was out to the city for capturing some nice Fall impressions. I came across this bush with those little red balls as fruits and some orange leaves. The bush was still mostly green with some orange spots. These spots were single leaves which were already shining in bright orange color. I tried to take some photos in which these leaves are nicely pointed out from the green background. To increase this contrast even more I turned one photo into grayscale with only the one leaf left in its original color.

The photos were taken with my EOS 600D and my Tamron 18-270mm lens mounted to it. ISO was at 800. This was not my intention, but I forgot to change it back from a previous photo shooting. Therefore the images were quite noisy and I hade to remove the noise in post processing. The camera was into Av mode with the lowest possible aperture value. This should give the scene a nice depth-of-field. The focal length for the first two photo was at full 270mm where as the last photo was taken at 110mm.

Aperture value was at a fixed value of f/6.3, which is quite high for a nicely blurred background, but it is the lowest possible value the lens offers at full focal length. Shutter speed varied from 1/125 sec to 1/250 sec. With activated image stabilization these shutter speeds are suitable for the focal length I used. Therefore lowering the ISO value, what I would have done usually, could bring me into trouble with motion blur. In the end, these camera settings were perfect for this scene.