One Colorful Leaf - Two Perspectives

Last Saturday at sunny weather I went out to a park at our river bank and I couldn't resist taking lots of photos of all those colors at trees and bushes and the ground. Fall is such a fascinating season of the year! I had my EOS 600D with me with my EF-S 18-55mm standard zoom kit lens mounted.

At one lawn below a tree I found this leaf. I was fascinated by all the color it wears in those beautiful patterns. I removed some other leaves around so this one was seperated and the only leaf in the photo. I took a position vertically above the leaf and took a photo. Shooting from above nicely shows the shape of the leaf and produces a nearly completely sharp image. To increase sharpness I've chosen a higher aperture value of f/10. Focal length was at 49mm and shutter speed was at 1/50 sec. I had to choose a relatively high ISO value of 800 because under the tree the light was very poor.

While taking the photo above I thought it might be interesting to try another perspective. So I folded out the camera screen and switched to Live View mode. I placed the camera onto the tip of my shoe to stabilize it a bit and took a photo from just above the ground. This time I lowered the aperture value to the minimum of f/4 to get a nice depth-of-field. And I must say I like the result. It shows the same interesting color pattern at the leaf but makes the scene by far more interesting with all the blurred areas in front and back. Shutter speed was at 1/640 sec this time with a focal length of 28mm. ISO was still at 800.