Elder in Fall

And on goes the series with my current Fall photos. This time I show you an Elder tree, that I found last weekend. The tree attracted me with his colorful leaves in the sun. When I was coming closer I noticed all those little black Elder berries inbetween the red and green leaves. This was a beautiful contrast and looked simply awesome. When taking the photos I tried to choose a frame that contains not to much leaves to give the viewer the chance to clearly identify every single leaf. On the other hand it should not be closeup to still give a glimpse of the overwhelming mass of colors. I took photos with black berries and some without, but I must admit, I more like the ones with berries.

The photos here were taken with my EOS 600D and my Tamron 18-270mm lens mounted to it. ISO was at 400. I chose this value to get some higher shutter speeds, even if it was quite sunny. The camera was set into Av mode with a fixed aperture value of f/6.3 which is the lowest possible value for full 270mm focal length. That was ok for me because I wanted aperture value not to be that low to still show the shape of the blurred leaves in the back. The photo above was taken with a focal length of 92mm and an automatically calculated shutter speed of 1/160 sec. The second photo has the same values except the focal length which was at 72mm this time.