Details of a leaf

Here is another beautiful colorful leaf that I found last weekend on a photo tour to a local park. I love this leaf because of its shape and of course the amazing colors from still green over yellow and orange to a deep red. I took the photo from vertically above to best point out the shape. I tried to more express the beautiful colors by turning the lawn around into grayscale and keeping the colors of the leaf but the result looked very artificial. It seemed that the leaf was cutted out of another photo and pasted into the grayscale one. I think this photo here looks somehow the same but it is a real one.

While I was playing with the grayscale thing I switched the image to a 100% view and noticed all the details of the leaf's texture. I am fascinated by the thick and thin lines twisting and looping through the leaf. Here is one detail of the same photo as above. With the strong red lines it looks like there is blood streaming through veins. But the veins seem to be blown because there is red color all around them. On the other hand this could also look like a landscape with fields, deserts and rivers of red water. Or whatever else you could imagine. Simply fascinating.

I took this photo with my EOS 600D and my EF-S 18-55mm kit lens from vertically above the leaf at a focal length of full 55mm. The camera was in Av mode with a fixed aperture of f/8 to get a good image quality. ISO was at 200 and shutter speed was calculated by the camera at 1/160 sec.