Colorful leaves and stairs

Last Saturday, when I was out for some nice Fall photos, I spotted this beautiful scene. On my way back home, only few steps before reaching my home, I saw this little stairs and the pile of nice, colorful leaves in front of it. The wind has blown around the leaves of a nearby tree and in that corner they got stuck together. I love the combination of red wall, gray to green stairs and beautiful colorful leaves next to it. So I took some last photos for the day.

I still had my Tamron 18-270mm lens mounted to my EOS 600D camera, which was set into Av mode with a fixed lowest possible aperture of f/5.6. ISO value was at 400 because the area was quite dark. There were houses all around and a huge tree inbetween them. Shutter speed was calulated with 1/60 sec, which is good for a focal length of 59mm to prevent camera shaking.