Burning Sky Sunset

It was yesterday evening when I occasionaly went out to my balcony and saw this amazing sunset. It was not the whole sky in that beautiful orange color, just a small part of it. But this part was very intense. Luckily, from my balcony I had a perspective with the roofs of old houses and little towers on top of it directly in the fire zone. I immediately grabbed my camera and started taking photos of this beautiful scene. I tried to choose a frame for the picture where not only the glowing clouds were visible but the old houses, too. This should make the scene more interesting.

My EOS 600D had still my Tamron 18-270mm lens mounted from a previous shooting. And to get the best possible quality out of that lens I switched the camera into Av mode with a fixed aperture value of f/8. ISO was at 200 wich would be quite small for the general light conditions, but since I was shooting directly into the glowing clouds, it was a very suitable value. Shutter speed was calculated by the camera automatically, but I monitored the value, so it went not too slow. In that case I would have increased ISO to 400. But this was not necessary.

I must admit that I used RAW image post processing to darken down the houses to a completely black silhoutte and adjusted the colors a bit to create a more intense scene. It is not that often that you can enjoy such an intense sunset. I love the result very much.