Silhouettes in the sun

When I was in Graz, Austria some weeks ago, I found this statue at the roof of one nice church. Occasionally I was standing at a point were I was looking into the sun and couldn't see that much. I got the idea to try out, how it would look like, if I changed my position in a way, that the sun was completely covered by the statue. My idea was to create a kind of halo around it. So I moved into the shadow area, the statue was creating at the ground. Looked awesome. The statue was just a silhouette and the sun produced a nice halo around it.

My EOS 600D had the Tamron 18-270mm lens mounted, as usually when I'm on a city trip. The camera was set into P mode with an ISO value of 100. Focal length was at 135mm, aperture was calculated with f/13 and shutter speed was 1/1000 sec.

The second location where I could repeat this experiment was a trip to Luxemburg, Luxemburg last weekend. There is that high column with a statue on top of it in the city center. When I saw this I immediately remembered the statue in Graz and thought, this is similar to that and ideal for trying the halo thing again. So I again moved into the shadow of the statue and looked up to it. The halo was beautiful. But, at this time there were many insects flying around and thus the sky looked like it was full of stars. I had to stress the clone tool of my image processing tool to remove all the many white dots.

Camera setup was the same as above. Focal length was 76mm this time with an aperture calculated to f/14 and a shutter speed of 1/800 sec.