MS Palladium

A friend of mine who owns a passenger ship called "Palladium" recently asked me to take some photos of his vessel for some picture postcards. I agreed and on a bright and sunny sunday I grabbed my camera and went out to the river bank to take the photos. The ship is stationed here in Frankfurt and provides round trips on behalf of the large German Ship Company KD.

In preparation of this photo shooting I first thought about good positions along the river bank. I wanted the ship to dominate the scene but the surrounding should show typical scenes of the city. I wanted to catch it during it's daily work, driving along the river with passengers on deck. Since the round trip starts every 90 minutes I had enough time to change position over the day and thus could get photos with different scenes.

Second thought I made was about my camera equipment. The lens of my choice was my Tamron 18-270mm lens because it provides the most flexibility, despite the not very perfect picture quality. I've set the camera into Av mode with a fixed aperture value of f/8 to get the best quality out of the lens. ISO was set to 200, even if it was a bright day. Since the ship will be moving I need relatively short shutter speeds. That's why I increased ISO.

For a big city like Frankfurt it is typical that it is changing all the time and therefore construction cranes are always dominating the scene. This is very disturbing for nice picture postcard photos. But thanks to image post processing you can remove them later. Another problem I had, was the traffic on the river. I did not want to have other ships on the photo, especially the ones from the other round trip ship company here. Unfortunately that happend some times, especially in a scene that I thought would be great. I also had to be fast when ship was arriving at my position because within second it drove by.

From the many photos I took these 3 shown here are best in my opinion. Maybe one of them will soon be sold as picture postcard onboard the ship.