Graffiti Art

In April I have shared some photos of Graffiti art at freeway bridges on my way to office. I still enjoy them whenever I pass the bridges. Some weeks ago I noticed that the guys of AK47, S2K and HNS were busy again in that area. Both sides of another bridge support now carry a painting of these lovely dogs. Yesterday, after office, I took the time to go there and shoot photos of it. Unfortunately there were a lot of high plants around and therefore it was not easy to get a clear photo of the Graffiti. But on the other hand, all the green give the photo some life. It doesn't look that clean. I must admit that I mostly like the photo with the dog looking through all that green. It looks kind of cheeky.

I took the photos with my EOS 600D and the Tamron 18-270mm lens. The lens was still mounted to the camera from my recent weekend vacation. Due to the sunny weather I set ISO to 100, even though the Graffitis were in a shady area. The camera was into P mode and calculated shutter speed and aperture automatically. The low ISO value caused some relatively slow shutter speed of 1/50 to 1/60 sec, which furthermore results in motion blurred cars on the freeway and gives the scene more life.