Amazing Sunsets

A new month has just begun and this is the time for a new gallery with photos from my archive. This time I want to share some amazing sunsets, that I have seen on various vacations during the last years. Most of them were taken at the Pacific coast in California. It is always such a beautiful and relaxing end of an exhausting day when sitting there at the beach and enjoying the colors and mood of the setting sun.

You can also view the gallery in my Picasa Web Album.


Wia Kotze said…
Beautiful photos! I was particularly interested in the sunset and clouds photos since I am in the process of reviewing my own sunset photos after I took some recently on a visit to Namibia. Thanks for sharing. As always I learn a lot by viewing the art of photographers far more experienced than I am. I am merely a very enthusiastic amateur.
Thomas Schmidt said…
Wia, I'm glad you like my photos. :-) I also get a lot of inspiration by viewing photos of other photographers. You can easily learn to operate a camera, but learning to see is much more difficult.