Skyscrapers of Frankfurt

With my recent post of Skyper, I got the idea for the gallery this month: Skyscrapers of Frankfurt.

The photos were taken during the "Skyscraper Festival" in 2007. The festival is held every several years. 2007 was the most recent one and the next will be held in 2013. This event gives you the opportunity to get on top or inside of many of the high buildings, which are normally closed to the public. At some buildings you can enjoy the view from the roof top, others are opening a higher level floor to visitors. At those locations you can take fantastic photos of the city and the other scyscrapers that are different to the "normal" ones that people take from the ground. And this is what my gallery shows you this months. I'm very looking forward to the next year's "Skyscraper Festival".

You can also view the gallery in my Picasa Web Album.