Sweet Cherry

Today was studio time again. It's been a long time since I turned my kitchen into a photo studio, but when I saw that bowl of dark cherry I thought, I have to take some delicious photos of this sweet and juicy fruits before enjoying them.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the setup this time, but it was similiar as with the apple shoot in January. I took two wooden rack boards and placed them in a L form. Into that L I layed a shiny white foil. I selected a white background because I think this will best point out the dark red color of the fruit and I chose the shiny one because I wanted a slight reflection on the ground. I placed the fruit onto that white foil, positioned the flash light to the right and a bit above the fruit. On the left side of the scene stood the mirror again to reflect the light from the flash and brighten up the shadow side. That's it for the scene setup.

The camera setup was as follows: I mounted my excellent EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro lens to my EOS 600D camera and onto the tripod. The lens was set into manual focus mode and image stabilization was disabled. I switched the camera into complete manual mode (M) with an ISO value of 100 and connected it to my laptop computer for remote control, shake protection and better image display. The flash light was controlled by camera remotely with TTL measuring. That's it for the camera setup.

I took photos with different aperture values to get more or less of the scene in focus. Depending on the aperture I had to adjust the shutter speeds, but not that much because the TTL mode of the flash regulated the brightness of the scene. For focussing the scene I first turned the focus ring at the lens and after the first shots I moved the tripod with the camera back and forth to get the best focus selection. This is more pecisely than turning the focus ring. During the shooting I changed the hight of the tripod, so the camera had diffent view points. I also changed the position of the flash light to get the scene illuminated in different ways.

First I took photos of only one single fruit. I like the deep red and green color within that shiny white surrounding. The reflection of the flash in the fruit is great and points out it's surface. The very thin reflection of the fruit in the bottom is exactly what I intended by choosing the shiny foil. The shadows are awesome, too. There is one strong shadow to the left, coming from the flash light to the right. And there is another very light shadow going to the right which is coming from the reflecting flash light in the mirror to the left. All in all I love this photo.
Aperture was f/10 and shutter speed was 0.8 seconds.

Next I took a second cherry and cut it into half, leaving the stalk and the stone at one half. This one I placed next to first fruit. The other half of the cutted cherry I squeezed a bit and preesed out some drops of juice. On one hand it looks like the cutted fruit is kind of bleeding, on the other hand this gives the scene a juicy look. Again, the reflections in the fruits and the ground are great and the shadows, too.
Aperture was here f/10 again and shutter speed was 0.8 seconds.

As with the previous apple shooting the water sprayer was a must again. This here is the same scene as above, but with two modofications. First the sprayed water. It gives the scene a fresh look. Second modification is the view point. I changed the position of the camera further down to get another, more straight view of the scene. I like the result. All those little water drops both on the fruit and the ground look so funny. The depth of field is more interesting here because of all the blurred drops in the front and the back of the scene.
And again was the aperture value f/10 and the shutter speed 0.8 seconds. Must have been the optimum combination for this scene.

At last I wanted to get more life in the scene. I took a few more cherry and placed them around the other two. The water sprayer came into action again to produce some artificial rain. This time I re-positioned the flash light a bit closer to the camera to illuminate the scene more to the front. The camera position was again at the lower level. Besides the already mentioned things I like, in this scene the light on the ground between the cherry is awesome. I love that shadows with the reflecting color of the fruits mixed with the water drops and disturbed by the reflecting background light. Great.
This time I chose a smaller aperture value of f/4 to get more depth of field. I wanted the cherry in the back to get blurred a bit. Shutter speed was 0.8 seconds again.

After that studio shooting I must say, it was fun again and the cherry tasted delicious. My favorite photo from the ones above is number 3. If I decide to take photos of cherry again some time I definitely have to choose some fresh fruits, possibly directly off the tree. The ones I had this time were a bit old with crumpled skin and dry stalks.