Graffiti by JukeBox CowBoys

In late March there was an officially organized Graffiti event called "Just Writing My Name". Both sides of two bridge supports were used as a canvas for the sprayers and thus 4 great pieces of Graffiti artwork were created. As I already told I love Graffiti if it is colorful, creative and not in a damaging character. And these four artworks are definitively of that kind. Some days after this event, on an early Sunday morning in April, I went to that bridge to admire the paintings and, of course, to take photos of them.

Since the bridge is a relatively wide one, the light conditions under it were awful. In the center part it was really dark, even with the sun shining, and at both sides the bright day light was reflecting on the shiny paint and thus was fading all the beautiful colors into nothing. Maybe a HDR version of the photos could reduce the bad light, but I had not tripod with me and I'm not familiar with HDR yet. So I tried my best with this light situation.

For the camera equipment I used my EF-s 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 standard kit zoom lens mounted on my EOS 500D. The lens is the better one of my wide angle lenses, that I needed under the bridge. As usually I've set the camera into P mode to let it calculate aperture and shutter speed automatically. Only the ISO value was set by me to 200, due to the shady light situation under the bridge. As I already mentioned, I did not use any tripod, just activated image stabilization at the lens.

Today I want to prensent the bridge support wall that I love most. It was created by the guys of the JukeBox CowBoys crew. All those painted spray cans are really an explosion of colors. To give you an idea of the scene I want to mention that the painting was much higher than me. It is very impressive to stand in front of it.

The first image shows nearly the complete art work. Unfortunately there was a busy street behind me and I could not get any step further back. This photo was taken with maximum possible distance and maximum wide angle of the lens. I know, I could have done two photos and stich them togehter, but in that moment i didn't think about that. You can clearly see, what I meant with bad light situation. In the center the colors are strong and clear but to the sides they get faded more and more. I like the railroad in front. It makes the scene more interesting.
The photo was taken with a focal length of 18mm, an aperture of f/4 and a shutter speed of 1/50 sec.

The next photo is a detail of the right part. I love all that screaming strong colors. It's amazing what thin lines are possible with that paint spray cans and the light effects are fascinating.
This photo was taken with a focal length of 25mm, an aperture of f/5 and a shutter speed of 1/50 sec.

At this photo I tried to deal with the bad light situation. The left can has only weak colors due to the reflecting light. So I made the whole image a grayscale one, but left one can and the letters JBCB on the next can in their original color. This distracts from the bad light and is an interesting effect, too. I like the result.
This one was shot with a focal length of 25mm, an aperture of f/5 and a shutter speed of 1/50 sec.

Here is another try to deal with the bad reflecting light. The right part was nearly white beause of all the reflections. What I did here was to overlay the image with a gradient from transparent on the left to black on the right end with a 50% opacity. This way the image gets a bit darker to the right which reduces the reflections and increases the tunnel like effect when looking through a bridge. On the other hand, this effect more directs the focus to the first figure which was my intention with that shot.
The photo was taken with a focal length of 18mm, an aperture of f/5 and a shutter speed of 1/60 sec.

The previous photo shows the very left end of that line of spay cans and this one here is the very right end. It is again one composition of bright and strong colors. I love that. In the upper right corner you can read all the names of the partizipating artist. If you take a look at all those cans you will see, that every crew member was responsible for his own can and integrated his name into the scene.
This photo was taken with a focal length of 24mm, an aperture of f/5 and a shutter speed of 1/50 sec.

Unfortunately the bridge support has been re-painted recently with a new Graffiti art work in another official spayer event.