Dry Thistle

In early May I was out in the woods for taking some Spring photos. When I came to one clearing I saw a group of thistles that were really dry. But the plants still stood proudly in the meadow with their dry blossoms up in the air. I selected one of the blossoms and tried to set it into scene. Since it was far away from any other plants and trees the background gets nicely blurred. The sun produced a warm light that increases the warmth of the brown color of the blossom. The green background fading into light blue is a perfect contrast to that.

The photo was taken with my EOS 500D camera and the EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 zoom lens. I have set the camera into P mode with an ISO of 100 due to the sunny weather. Focal length was 135mm, aperture at f/6.3 and shutter speed was 1/250 sec.