Yesterday, the weather conditions in the upper air area where again of a kind that contrails created by aircraft did not disappear. As I already mentioned in my previous contrails post, we have a lot of air traffic here. The many airplanes crossing the area produce a fantastic pattern of white lines onto the blue sky. The contrails starting with thin strong line and getting wider and weaker over the time. Especially in the early evening with the low sun the sky gets a deep blue color and the contrails are illuminated from below and thus getting bright white. This gives a nice contrast. The sky looked so beautiful yesterday that I had to grab my canmera again and take photos of it.

This time I again used my EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 standard kit zoom lens, because I wanted to take wide angle photos of the sky. The camera was still set into aperture mode (Av) from a recent photo session with an aperture value of f/8. I've chosen an ISO of 100 because of the bright sky. Shutter speed was calculated by the camera automatically. I took the photos at my balcony. I didn't feel like leaving home again after a long day at office.

This photo was shot with a shutter speed of 1/200 sec and a focal length of 18mm. I love the choatic arrangement of the lines and the strong colors.

This photo was taken about half an hour later. You can clearly see, that the sky is already darker than in the previous one. Shutter speed was 1/125 sec this time and I chose a focal length of 29mm. I held the camera in a different angle to change the view a bit. The two airlplanes coming into the scene in a nearly parallel way and a completely opposite direction are great. The weak clouds are contrails as well. They are old ones.

The last photo is the same scene as above, but with a different camera angle and focal length. The two airplanes have crossed the scene nearly completely. Shutter speed was again 1/125 sec and focal length was 43mm.

Today the sky is a boring grey mass and it is raining again.