It is now half a year ago that I started my blog. I was thinking about what to do with all my photos instead of only storing them onto my hard drive. I decided to start a blog for publishing some of them that I like, knowing that it will take some time until somebody gets notice about it.
The first month I got only hits from my friends, whom I told about my new blog. But after some time the first Goggle image search results pointed to my blog. And so the hit count increased from month to month. Last night I got my 1000th hit. This is what I've never expected when I started my blog half a year ago. Many of the visitors now come from a Google image search. At some search queries my photos are under the first results already. Wow. Apple splash is the post with most hits from Google image search.
A few of the hits come from spam robots that send a referer address that I'm supposed to click to. But I do not, of course. The rest of the hits are direct clicks which I don't have any idea where they come from. My first post was the sparkler, where I did the first photos with my newly accuired EF 100mm f/2.8 L Macro lens. The post with most hits is the one with Graffitis at the freeway bridges. This is because someone has linked the post on his Facebook page. I got many hits with this referer.
The photos that got me most excited are my studio photos, first of all the water drops. It was really amazing for me to see, what you can catch if you release the shutter in the right moment. But the studio photos with fruits where exciting for me, too. The first fruit was the apple, that overwhelmed me with the sharpness and intensity of colors. The same applies to the recent cherry photos. My archive contains some 30000 photos of various occasions and of my many vacations during the last years and it is growing faster and faster. I have published more than 100 of them so far. Not included the ones in my monthly galeries. I'm very looking foward to share some more of them in future and I'm exited about realizing a lot of ideas I already have. I think I have enough material to continue posting 2 or 3 articles each week over the next years.